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Top and iconic Italian foods to try


Delightfully simple, flavorful, and fresh Italian cuisine is something that people want to try. If you are planning to visit Italy or want to try best Italian dishes anywhere in the world, finding the best food always seem confusing. Though few dishes are originated from Italy, a lot of franchises and experienced chefs have taken it into other parts of the world. Hence, it becomes very easy for us to find best Italian dishes. There are an infinite number of Italian foods that people crave to try and here is a little bucket list of best dishes that you get in your local Italian food restaurants.


There are many delicious traditional foods in Italy, but perhaps that takes the limelight is pizza. Its flat dough bread served with sausage and toppings, nothing is as representative or common as pizza that represents the country better. The essence of Italian cooking – high-quality, fresh ingredients, sums up no other dishes. Not many know that Roman-style pizza and Neopolitan style pizza are the most authentic and perfect type of pizzas. Roman-style pizza has a slightest crunch or paper-thin crust, where as the Neapolitan style has fluffy, thick crust. These days, pizzas are available in a range of varieties from thin to thick crust to extra cheese. Some of the famous types to try are margherita pizza, BBQ chicken, crunch pizza, etc. Since its establishment in 1991 in Montreal, DoublePizza is offering quick service and quality products at a fair price. Check their website for more options.

Italian gelato

It’s not false to say that Italians have perfected the process of making ice cream over the centuries and proper example goes to gelato, a creamy frozen dessert, which was invented back in Renaissance period. Unlike typical ice cream, gelato contains much more natural flavoring with less fat. No matter the region or season, this food never fails to impress us.


One of the oldest pasta recipes, lasagna is a flat pasta noodle and traditional Italian dish made by alternating layers of pasta sheets, cheese, sauce, and meat. This rich, delicious meal is one of the most liked Italian dishes around the globe.


One of the high quality cuisines that are appreciated and celebrated all over the world, Truffles can be found in abundance. If you’re trying it for the first time, you can start off with spaghetti pasta.

Some foods are simply a matter of personal taste and so feel free to try the best things and skip it, if you don’t like.


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