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Making a Eco-friendly Tea With Lemon Grass


Eco-friendly tea   Lemongrass: An irresistible combination

Eco-friendly tea and lemongrass goes hands in hands rapidly and simply. Really, together and hands in hands, create a wonderful blend using this season. You can drink hot or cold without distinction and you’ll only obtain a great and healthy drink in exchange.

Eco-friendly tea with lemongrass, a perfect drink for summer time time time

Eco-friendly tea, being fresh, herbal, youthful, aromatically soft and somewhat astringent, is wonderful for summer time time time. Clearly, it’s prepared and drunk in the lower temperature than black tea or red tea. But, in addition, its flavor is much more appropriate along with the blends which can be prepared from it could also be. Simply follow your instinct somewhat or get inspired inside the following sentences to have it.

Among the finest combinations you can try using this summer time time time should be to produce a eco-friendly tea with lemongrass. This plant, also known as lemongrass or lemon grass, is wonderful for these kinds of refreshing and summer time time time drinks. Although it may be consumed hot, my recommendation should be to allow it to awesome well and absorb it the mid-day. Try these pointers and you will be grateful effortlessly.

Recipe of eco-friendly tea with lemon grass

What ingredients do you want?

A liter water

Two tablespoons a high quality eco-friendly tea

A spoonful of dried lemongrass or maybe a great stick of fresh lemongrass

Sliced lime (optional)

Molasses (or sweetener to taste, optional)

How would you prepare?

Set to heat water before the temperature reaches 75 levels centigrade. Switch off heat, put the Tai Ping Hou Kui Tea and lemongrass within the teapot or infuser you will employ after which add water. Let stand between three along with a couple of minutes, that’s the needed some time and visits a jar. There you could begin adding some tasty slices of lime take a much more citrus touch and also to sweeten. Within the two caser, this is often completely optional. If you want, drink immediately if you would like cold, for that fridge, adding a sprig of mint or spearmint then serving cold with ice.

Characteristics of lemmongrass

Lemon grass

The lemongrass is fresh, citrus and goes perfectly in drinks of people characteristics because of its tonic and refreshing taste. Talking about its characteristics, it’s considered good as antiseptic and antibacterial. Really, it’s good to repel a number of other insects and insects. It’s also digestive and excellent for wind, in addition to helping fight dried-out skin.


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