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How to Make the Perfect Classic American Cheeseburger?



There are lots of ways to make a cheeseburger, but the key to a perfect classic American cheeseburger lies in the quality of the beef and the cheese. Good quality meat and American cheese can make your burger out of this world;Incredibly greasy, juicy, and full of flavour (as any burger should be).

For burger meat, I prefer to grind my own beef. I can choose the best beef available and also can control the fat content. It might seem like a small factor, but grinding fresh meat will make a huge difference. And for an American burger, you will need an American cheese; I love using the American cheese slice from the Burger cheese. It’s too delicious and melts perfectly on a burger.

Without any delay, let’s start with the recipe.

Ingredients required:

Boneless chuck steak                     1 ½ pound

Bun                                                    4 piece

Mayonnaise                                      4 tablespoon

Ketchup                                             2 tablespoon

American cheese                             8 slices

Red Onion                                        ½ finely chopped + ½ sliced

Dill Pickle                                          4 slice

Salt and pepper                                to taste

Making burger patties:

To make the delicious burger patties, first, you need to grind the meat. You can use chuck steak or brisket to make a rich burger.

Step 1: cut the meat into pieces and let them rest in the freezer for 20-30 mins

Step 2: grind the meat through the grinder twice to get a finer mix. (You can use a food processor instead of the grinder, if needed)

Step 3: Again put the ground beef in the freezer for 10-20 mins

Step 4: Mix ground beef, egg, onion, bread crumbs, and garlic until well blended. The egg will work as a binder. When cooking on the grill, it’s a little bit easier for the patty to fall apart, especially when we go to flip it., so the egg will hold everything together, so we get that perfectly cooked burger.

Step 5: Divide the ground beef into the useable portion and shape them with your hand. (Don’t make the patties too tight, a solid disk of meat is good)

Step 6: Get a nice circle, make a small indentation using your thumb in the middle.

Step 7:Refrigerate for 30 mins so that cold patties will hold their shape.

Making burger:

Step 1: Heat your grill and spray with some cooking oil to avoid the burgers sticking.

Step 2: Prepare the other ingredients bun, tomatoes, onion, lettuce, mayonnaise and ketchup

Step 3: Season the burgers patties evenly on both sides. Lay them in the hot grill and cook until browned on both sides. You can make a slight cut to check if the meat is pink inside.

(Seasoning the meat too early will make it tougher so, season closer to the actual cooking time)

Step 4: Put a slice of American cheese on the patty so that it melts and blends perfectly with the meat.

Step 5:  Cut the bun and lay it on the grill until lightly toasted. (You can also grill tomatoes and onions to enhance the taste.)

Step 6:Spread ketchup and mayonnaise on buns. Add patty, lettuce, tomato, onion, dill pickle, and season with salt and pepper to taste. Cover it with another bun, and your classic American burger is ready to eat.


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