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Discover the Best Fried Chicken in Australia


The rise in poultry consumption can be seen across Australia. There could be many reasons for that. But the reason that stands out is the quality of chicken restaurants opened in the country. Every big city of the country has 2-5 top-notch restaurants serving the best quality chicken. Like any other business, if you serve quality, your offering will create its market on its own. That’s what happened to the poultry food industry of Australia. Suddenly, you could see a steep curve of consumption poultry-based food. The chicken food that dominates most of the menus is fried chicken. The fried chicken in Australia simply walks into all non-vegetarian menus. If you are fan poultry food, then all the Australian metros have something for you on offer.


Adelaide is home to some great poultry restaurants. The restaurants like Chicken Directory have created their niche in the market. Their barbequeand fried chicken in Australiais one of the best. They have mingled the concept of restaurant to concept of cafes. They have a very beautiful playing area and shopping mart inside their premises. The concept has very well; it attracts all age groups from in and around the city. Then, there are restaurants like bread and bone that have gone a step ached to capitalize on poultry foods and made it their speciality.


Recently Chicken Directory has also entered the market of Melbourne City. Apart from Melbourne is also home to one of the best restaurants of fried chicken in Australia. Restaurants like Rockwell and Sons who have created their market chicken offerings. They even organize fried chicken special nights, also their chicken sandwich is something a chicken cannot afford to miss out on. The restaurantcalled Belle’shot chicken is simply a leader in the poultry food offering. Belle has its branches all around the city. They are famous for their Nashville style fried chicken. They are very popular among youngsters. In a recent survey conducted by a food magazine, it’s been found out that Belle sells fifty percent of its total offerings to Individuals aged below 22. The craze of Belle’s chicken can be anticipated from it.


The Brisbane was always famous for its food, especially American style Burgers. But the storm of  fried chicken in Australia is not limited to one part of the country. It is all over, and Brisbane is not an exception. The restaurants like Sothern Attitude have mastered the art of offering fried chicken. They have mingled their bar with their chicken offerings, making it a hard to resist combination.

The drinks and chicken go very well together.  It’s not just SA but the restaurants around the country have capitalised on it.


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