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Common Bar Design Mistakes


When designing a bar without professional help, there are a few common mistakes that you may make. Even the most experienced bar owners make mistakes. Working with a professional like Dawnvale may help you avoid the mistakes

Common Mistakes in Bar Design

Poor Space Planning

Spacing is one of the most important parts of bar design so you have to get it right. There should be a balance between the space at the front and the back. Ensure that there is enough space between the seating area and the bar. Consider visiting a few bars and checking out their space before opening your own bar.

Poor Lighting

The right lighting is critical to any bar design. If yours is too bright or too dim, you may be keeping guests away. Your customers should be able to read the menu without struggling. However, the light shouldn’t be blinding. Take advantage of light fixtures and natural lighting to create the right ambience.

Conflicted Decorations

All your bar decorations should stick to a particular theme. They should send a similar message. If, for example, you are a sports bar, some of the most common decorations include pictures of your local sports team and memorabilia. If your decorations are conflicting, they may repel potential customers. Choose one theme and stick to it.

Inefficient Layout

Any bar should always try to promote efficiency. Check to ensure that you are not wasting space between the bar and the back. Every section of your bar should have just enough space. Inefficiency leads to slow service. In the ideal design, bartenders should have everything that they need within six feet. This includes beer taps, beer cooler, and glass storage. They should have enough space to serve customers without bumping into each other.

Lack of Directional Signage

Most bar owners do not realize that they need directional signage. However, it is a great way to ensure that customers always know where they are going. Have signage to let people know in what part of the restaurant they are. The entrance and exit signs should be clear as well. It is a simple yet effective way to help customers feel comfortable. Lack of or insufficient directional signage could make your bar unwelcoming. It makes it seem that you don’t care much about your customers.

Poor Choice of Material

Work with a professional to pick the right material for your bar. If, for example, you have a high-volume bar, wood surfaces may be better than marble surfaces. If you are designing an upscale bar, marble is one of your best options. Carpeting is a good choice for a hotel lobby bar. However, a busy bar requires a solid surface that is easy to clean.

Bad Bathroom Doors

Your choice of bathroom doors may determine the satisfaction of your customers. Ideally, your doors should be convenient. They should swing in and not out of the bathroom to avoid accidents.

The best way to ensure that you have a proper bar design is to work with a professional. They may help you avoid some of the most common mistakes.


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